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Founded in 2001 by Luigi Spagnol, Magazzini Salani was set up as a specialist imprint of Adriano Salani Editore focusing on comics, graphic novels, encyclopaedias, activity books and merchandise. Throughout its history, the company has had a name for innovation, both in content and in form, as well as for a dedication to quality. Its debut coincided with the launch of editorial merchandising, a business line further expanded with the inclusion of new products from gizmos to games, to textiles and calendars.

Magazzini Salani has recently branched out to include in its catalogue both fiction and non-fiction for the young adult market, with a particular focus on the latest pop culture phenomena. Over the years, Magazzini Salani has discovered and published some best-selling titles from celebrated YouTubers such as Stef&Phere, Lyon, CiccioGamer, novelisations of blockbuster films (Harry Potter, Back to the Future, The Goonies), books about music stars (Freddie Mercury), as well as titles based on popular video games (The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros.) and on successful TV shows (La casa de papel, Stranger Things). At the heart of Magazzini Salani’s comics list (Nuvole Salani) are classics like Mafalda and Peanuts. Since 2012 the imprint has also successfully expanded into the Spanish market.